Allstar Appraisals can perform a physical damage assessment on virtually anything that moves. From motorcycles to the largest piece of heavy equipment. Allstar Appraisals can handle all phases of a physical damage loss!

We also perform minor property losses, decks, driveways and water damage along with various other small losses.

Allstar Appraisals uses the Mitchell/Ultramate computerized estimating program as well as any and all trade publications, ie: NADA, and Truck Blue Book. We can design a product to meet your guidelines. We also offers Total Loss Evaluations, Fair Market Surveys, PDA & CCC Reports, Digital Photographs, Accident Scene Investigations, Loss of Value and Property Loss. Expert witness court testimony. Our appraisers have been qualified to testify in several  Georgia courts, from small claims court to state court.

Being an IADA member we exercise the following 20-Point Appraisal Program.

1. Prepare a detailed appraisal utilizing knowledgeable and experienced personnel.

2. Give proper identification of vehicle including VIN, year, make, model, body style, and list of equipment.

3. Describe condition of vehicle.

4. List unrelated damage.

5. Provide description or picture of point of impact.

6. Stipulate accurate time allowances on all items to be repaired or replaced.

7. Consider replacement allowances only when parts cannot be economically or properly repaired.

8. Consider the use of L.K.Q. parts, where applicable, when a savings can be realized.

9. Recommend the use of recycled or after-market parts when applicable.

10. Remove overlap on related operations.

11. Identify betterment or depreciation when applicable.

12. Recommend appearance allowances when applicable.

13. Consider plastic and vinyl damage repair where practical.

14. Report related towing and storage charges.

15. Upon request, show A.C.V. and salvage figures on all vehicles considered to be Borderline or Total Loss.

16. Obtain agreement with repairer unless instructed otherwise by customer.

17. Reinspect any hidden or additional damage and document as necessary.

18. Maintain a quality control program which includes field reviews of appraisers.

19. Pursue an ongoing training program involving new design changes and repair procedures.

20. Conduct all business in a professional manner.